Who could replace Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who? Maisie Williams is ready to “take it for the team and do it!”

Maisie Williams says it would be "incredible" if actor Idris Elba could be the first black Doctor – but if he's not available, she says she could play the Doctor herself...


Who’s the next Doctor going to be? It’s going to be a tough task finding a successor to Peter Capaldi when he eventually steps down from the role. But Maisie Williams, who played Ashildr in Doctor Who series nine, has a solution.


She reckons that Idris Elba should do it (yes, she’s talking about Doctor Who, not Bond) but if he doesn’t fancy it, she’ll be ready to step up herself.

When asked by the Evening Standard whether she fancied taking on the role, she replied “Yes it would be cool but right now I’m locked into some other things,” adding, “I think a female Doctor would be incredible.”

Williams won the Rising Star award at the Evening Standard Film Awards, but said that if anyone should get the role, it should be fellow award winner Elba.

“I think a black Doctor would be incredible,” she said. “I’m all for Idris Elba – but if not I’ll take it for the team and do it!”


There you go. Idris or Maisie it is. Now let’s get that next Doctor Who companion sorted…