‘Who are you?’ Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi sports epic beard in exclusive photoshoot

Bad news: Doctor Who isn't filming right now. Good news: Capaldi's off-duty facial hair is pretty spectacular


Peter Capaldi has a well-earned break from filming Doctor Who while Steven Moffat prepares for his final ever series – meaning the actor has a chance to, uhhh, let his hair down a bit.


Capaldi attended the Radio Times Covers Party last week, and while talking us through his hopes for a new series and new showrunner, we couldn’t help but be impressed by his fantastic ‘off-duty’ beard.

Thankfully, he was gracious enough to step into the photo studio to let us capture this urbane new look. Impressed?

It’s good to see, too, that the ‘attack eyebrows’ are primed and ready to go for when Capaldi eventually does team up with his new Who companion.

Check out some of our favourite shots from Capaldi’s exclusive Radio Times photoshoot, and make sure you pick up a copy of Radio Times next Tuesday 2nd February for more Covers Party exclusives, including behind-the-scenes chats with Aidan Turner, Mary Berry, Lenny Henry and many more.