When Doctor Who recently said goodbye to companion Clara played by Jenna Coleman, thoughts immediately turned to who should take her place. And the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, has now revealed how the search for a a new companion is going.

Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com at the Radio Times Covers Party, he said: "We’ve just had some brief talks about it, we haven’t actually chosen someone yet — that I know of. Perhaps someone has been chosen but I would expect that I would meet them before we finalised all that.

"So we’re looking for someone different," he added with a mysterious smile, lingering on that last word...

But while Capaldi is clearly excited by the prospect of a new and "different" companion, he also revealed that one of his favourite — and most taxing — episodes to film was Heaven Sent, where he acted entirely alone.

"The one where I was on my own was quite challenging because I thought people would get tired of my face and all my tricks. But in a way it was great to do an episode — I mean this in the nicest possible way —with no other actors because it meant I became very much closer with the crew.

The crew are fantastic and I have a great relationship with them anyway, but to be with them all the time was lovely."