Peter Capaldi is preparing to film Doctor Who series 10: “I’ll be getting into training”

How does The Doctor prepare for a gruelling nine months of filming?


With Doctor Who on hiatus until spring 2017, you might think Peter Capaldi is taking it easy until then — but the actor is already preparing for series ten.


Speaking exclusively to at the Radio Times Covers Party, Capaldi said that while he had done some relaxing since series nine ended (and that’s why he is currently sporting a very bushy beard…), he was starting to get ready for the gruelling filming schedule.

“You have to be fit to do Doctor Who and so I’ve just been getting myself ready and I’ll be getting into training to start the show. When we start, it’ll run for nine months and the most important thing is to be there and to be fit and be on top of everything.

“I’m looking forward to starting.”

Asked if he has any other work lined up during the Doctor Who hiatus, Capaldi said his mind was only on the Time Lord.


“There wasn’t really anything else around that I particularly wanted to do. I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve got, great writers. And some fabulous exciting stories.”