Watch new Doctor Who villain Keeley Hawes act opposite Peter Capaldi in drag

The pair shared the screen with Paul McGann thirteen years ago in Channel 5's disastrous comedy spoof, Hotel!

This morning the internet buzzed with the news that an in-demand Keeley Hawes was to play a brand new villain in the next series of Doctor Who, uniting her with the latest Time Lord, Peter Capaldi. 


But this isn’t the first time the pair have shared the screen, although we reckon they’re probably hoping their previous collaboration on Channel 5’s 2001 comedy spoof Hotel! would stay good and buried. One hitch: it’s on YouTube in all its glory with Hawes playing receptionist Trisha opposite Capaldi’s hotel manager, Hilton Gilfoyle.

And as if the thought of Keeley acting opposite her Who co-star (at one point dressed in full drag) wasn’t enough, eighth Doctor Paul McGann also joins proceedings as the trio battle to wrestle control of the Nearby Hotel back from the hands of terrorists targeting the President of the United States (who just happens to be staying on the premises). 

It’s absolutely as bonkers as it sounds, albeit falling short of its Fawlty Towers meets Die Hard billing. So you don’t have to suffer through the entire thing, we’ve picked out a few highlights… 

To begin with, a tripple whammy. Peter Capaldi, Keeley Hawes AND Paul McGann. All in one clip. 

Here are Keeley and Paul in the bedroom (albeit in Paul’s imagination):

Two Time Lords arguing over a lady. Not often you see that.

Here they are having a right old barney… 

…before Peter Capaldi and Keeley Hawes give those vocal chords a good work out (we did warn you this was weird).

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, here’s Peter Capaldi dressed as a pregnant woman.

And to finish, here’s Keeley sharing a snog with a Time Lord (but which one…?) 

If you still have the stomach for it, watch the full version of Hotel! here: