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Viewers fell in love with the wrong character in Humans last night

Season two, episode one: the one where Radiator broke your heart

Published: Monday, 31st October 2016 at 9:05 am

Last night, 9pm. Twitterers around the country wait excitedly for the return of Channel 4 robo-drama Humans after over a year away. Would the synth uprising begin? Would the show take another smart look into artificial intelligence?


No. Because the F1 was still on. And fans (including Bake Off’s Tamal!) were very annoyed.

Still, after the delay, viewers were soon caught up in the show’s new faces, including Whose Line Is It Anyway’s improv queen Josie Lawrence, who played a marriage counsellor….

And then the audience soon got to meet new lovable synth on the block, who was toying with naming himself Radiator.

But then… well… Humans just went full Game of Thrones and killed off a fan favourite in two minutes.

Frankly, Twitter needed a hug.

It even felt as if Radiator was doing his bit for the world after death.

RIP radiator. You’ll always hold a warm spot in our hearts (between six and seven in the morning and maybe another hour after work depending on what the weather's doing).

However, Humans wasn’t finished. It still had one more surprise left: fugitive Niska headed back to the Hawkins household, sass in tow.

Episode two NOW, please.


Humans continues next Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4


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