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All the Doctor Who Easter eggs in Trust Me series 2 so far

From Time Lord toys to Tardis screensavers – here are all the Doctor Who references we've spotted in the BBC1 drama formerly starring Jodie Whittaker

Published: Wednesday, 24th April 2019 at 10:50 am

While Jodie Whittaker is no longer in the cast of BBC1’s Trust Me, the creator of the medical drama has been paying homage to its former lead with lots of fun references to her new role in Doctor Who.


From Time Lord toys to Tardis screen-savers, there are plenty of Whovian Easter Eggs in the show, with Dan Sefton previously telling that these references are not only “deliberate” but they also become “part of the plot”.

In fact, the Doctor Who and Trust Me connection is even more meta than it first appears, since the father of new series lead Alfred Enoch is the legendary actor William Russell, who played First Doctor William Hartnell's companion Ian Chesterton back in the '60s.

Every week, we’ll update this article with the new Doctor Who references we've spotted in each episode of Trust Me…

Episode one

Trust Me

Corporal Jamie McCain (Alfred Enoch) is injured in combat and taken to a Glasgow hospital, where he meets eccentric patient Danny Adams (Elliot Cooper, above). Danny has a shrine to Doctor Who by his hospital bed – including toy figures of David Tennant's Tenth Doctor and series-one alien the Moxx of Balhoon – and often references the show in conversations with his favourite nurse.

Episode two

Trust Me screenshot

On the tablet that Danny leaves behind for Jamie, there are two references to the Tardis. One is the screensaver, and the other is the password. Desperate to figure out the code so he can read Danny's logs about the hospital's mysterious deaths, Jamie finally tries the numerical equivalent of “Tardis” on the keypad and, lo and behold, it works.

Check back next week for Doctor Who references in episode three…


Trust Me airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC1


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