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The Mandalorian fans have issues with the casting of returning Star Wars character

The final episode saw an appearance from a familiar face **CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE MANDALORIAN SEASON 2 FINALE**

Boba Fett and Din Djarin in The Mandalorian (Disney+)
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Published: Friday, 18th December 2020 at 1:11 pm

The season two finale of The Mandalorian was always likely to be an action-packed affair – and it proved to be exactly that.


As if the return of Boba Fett and a major showdown with primary antagonist Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) wasn't enough, the episode also saw a surprise appearance from one of Star Wars' most legendary characters: Luke Skywalker.

And while the majority of fans were delighted to see the Jedi return to the fold, some viewers took issue with the casting of the character.

Luke's appearance in the explosive finale came in the form of a cameo from original actor Mark Hamill, who was de-aged using digital technology, while Max Lloyd Jones served as a body double.

While this was pleasing for some viewers, others thought the effect was a bit naff – and several fans took to social media to express their wishes that Sebastian Stan (who has long been rumoured to take on the role at some stage) had been cast instead.

One Twitter user wrote, "Cast Sebastian Stan next time if you’re gonna bring Luke back and not a CGI face," while another tweeted, "As amazing as the finale of @themandalorian was, why couldn't they just cast #sebastianstan?"

And one fan wrote, "The CGI in #TheMandalorian was pretty bad. I would have rather they just had Sebastian Stan. I get that it was originally Mark, but you have to let go of that obsession with the past and focus on making a quality product now."

However, not everyone agreed that Stan should have played the part for the cameo, with one social media user tweeting in all caps, "IF LUKE SKYWALKER WASN’T PLAYED BY MARK HAMILL IT WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN RIGHT."

Another fan agreed, adding, "People are upset because they didn't use Sebastian Stan. Let me be clear. No one cares. Just let us be happy that they brought back Luke Skywalker" and a third wrote, "Am all for Sebastian Stan being Luke Skywalker at some point in the future but seeing @HamillHimself in the role one more time playing Luke as a kickass Jedi was WONDERFUL."

Stan, who is best known for playing the Winter Soldier in several Marvel films, has long been rumoured as a potential Luke Skywalker due to his resemblance to a young Hamill – and some fans still hope he might end up playing the Jedi in one of the several recently announced upcoming Star Wars projects.

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