Warning: Full spoilers ahead for The Lazarus Project season 2.


It's finally time to go back in time with The Lazarus Project season 2 - and that ending has completely blown our minds.

Season 2 of the series saw our heroes grappling with "true" time travel, on a mission to save the world from extinction and rescue Janet (Vinette Robinson), who was sent back in time with her daughter Becky.

But, as we probably could have predicted, not everything goes to plan, with George (Paapa Essiedu) and co caught up in plenty more world-threatening chaos with twists and turns along the way.

Here's exactly how that ending went down.

The Lazarus Project season 2 ending explained

The final episode follows on after George brutally killed the 19-year-old version of Bryson (Amaree Ali), Wes's (Caroline Quentin) son, with his older self (Royce Pierreson) sat in the chair next to him.

Wes still refuses to order a Code Black to turn back the clock - until Sarah (Charly Clive) tells her that one of Dr Gray's (Zoe Telford) "disciples" is still out there. Wes is determined to wipe out anyone who had knowledge of Dr Gray's time travel plans - so she turns back the clock after all.

George and co wake up back on the plane, with the others confused about why the clock has been reset.

Archie (Anjli Mohindra) knocks out The Dane and ties him up, stopping him from disrupting the mission by destroying the time machine and preventing Becky from killing him.

Unbeknown to everyone else, though, Sarah goes to The Dane for information, and he tells her that the whereabouts of the machine in the lab. At the lab, Bryson prepares to defend himself, Janet and Becky.

Back at Lazarus HQ, Wes wakes up and orders the killing of Bryson's father. She also orders a perimeter around the lab and says not to attack until she gives the order.

At the lab, Janet tells Dr Grey everything. Meanwhile, the 2013 version of Rebrov (Tom Burke) confronts his future self and the rest of the gang from 2024, with the 2013 version of Ross (Brian Gleeson) demanding answers over a pint - and learning about his future demise.

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George attempts to explain the time loop and Wes's mission to kill everyone who knows about the time machine - including Janet. Janet pretty quickly accepts future her and past Becky are in the lab and they need to go and rescue them to undo an infinite three-week time loop.

At this point, the gang is made up of the 2024 versions of George, Sarah, Becky, Bryson and Archie, both versions of Rebrov, and the 2013 version of Janet. They head to the lab, with Wes immediately being informed by her team on the ground.

What happened to Janet?

At the lab, the 2024 version of Janet is reunited with the rest of the team, and the older version of Becky.

All of them prepare to defend the lab - except Sarah, who wanders off into the room with the time machine. Wes orders the attack, but Shiv (Rudi Dharmalingam) says to hold off. Bullets start raining down on the team inside the lab and Sarah attaches a bomb to the time machine. The 2013 version of Janet grabs it and runs into the next room, sacrificing herself.

Sarah starts shooting and points her gun at the 2024 version of Janet, who sends both versions of Becky away crying for her. She tells Sarah not to let Lazarus have them and prepares to die, telling Sarah it's the right thing to do.

George finds Sarah destroying the time machine and she tells him it has to happen. After seeing the bodies on the floor, he points his gun at her but doesn't pull the trigger.

Samson finds the missing component for the time machine in the plane and tells George they can still get the children out. Rebrov discovers Janet's dead. As shots rain down on them, Rebrov tells the older version of Becky to save herself. He stays with Ross to buy the others time as the others fall back to the plane.

Tom Burke as Rebrov in The Lazarus Project wearing a black jacket, looking determined
Tom Burke as Rebrov in The Lazarus Project. Sky

Did Archie die?

It certainly seems so. Shiv and Greta (Salóme Gunnarsdóttir) chase down the team on Wes's orders. Archie jumps from the roof of her car to to take down the pursuers, but the car flips, with a devastated Rhui (Elaine Tan) staying with her. Meanwhile, Wes confronts George and kills Samson.

At the last moment, Shiv swaps sides and sees Becky wearing Janet's necklace. He tells George and both versions of Becky to run as he faces down Wes.

Anjli Mohindra as Archie and Elaine Tan as Rhui in The Lazarus project season 2 stood next to each other, looking into camera
Anjli Mohindra as Archie and Elaine Tan as Rhui in The Lazarus project season 2. Sky

What happened to George and Sarah?

Back on the plane, George finds The Dane, who gets the aircraft going. George fixes the time machine and he, The Dane and both versions of Becky make it back to 22nd July 2024.

In 2024, George heads back to a largely empty Lazarus HQ and makes his way to Wes's office - only to find Sarah sitting at her desk, telling him she's been waiting for him.

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