The Doctors clash in new Doctor Who Christmas special clip

In a special sneak peek of Twice Upon a Time shown during Children in Need, David Bradley’s First Doctor makes a startling discovery


A new clip from Doctor Who Christmas special Twice Upon a Time has been unveiled during tonight’s Children in Need broadcast, granting a rare sneak peek at one of the most eagerly-anticipated broadcasts this festive season.


However, fans hoping for an early glimpse at Jodie Whittaker’s new Doctor may have to manage their expectations – instead, the clip comes from earlier in the episode and sees Peter Capaldi’s outgoing Twelfth Doctor welcome his former self the First Doctor (David Bradley) and a World War One soldier known as the Captain (Mark Gatiss) onboard his “hideous” (well, according to Bradley) Tardis.

In doing so, Capaldi’s Doctor also FINALLY convinces his argumentative former self that he is exactly who he says he is – the Doctor several regenerations and a few centuries along the line – leaving Bradley’s Time Lord reeling from the implications of this new information (and the fact that, well, he assumed he’d get younger).

The new footage is sure to whet the appetite of fans for the festive special, even if it still doesn’t reveal how series companion Bill (Pearl Mackie, who doesn’t appear in the clip) returns to the Doctor’s side or even what dastardly foes the two Doctors will be facing in their final adventure.

But of course, it’s probably good that we’re being kept in the dark about a few of the things in store for the Doctor and friends this Christmas. It’s never good to spend TOO long sneaking a peek at your presents before the big day, after all…


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Christmas