The Doctor joins the villains in new Doctor Who episode trailer

The world has been conquered – and we can’t help but be reminded of an old Doctor Who episode…


Things are looking pretty dystopian in the trailer for next week’s Doctor Who, with the evil Monks having conquered the world, brainwashed the populace and forced everyone into wearing unflattering grey clothes. The monsters.


And with the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) seemingly turned to evil and joining the Monks (apparently tempted by the prospect of his own TV show), it’s up to Bill – the only person not taken in by the new world order – to save the day, even if it means putting a couple of slugs into the Doctor’s chest. Ooh-er.

Ah, those were the days.

It’s enough to make you crank up some Soulja Boy, stick on Knocked Up and, er… eat or drink something that’s also particularly associated with that year, we guess.


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Saturday 3rd June at 7:35pm