We finally have a first look at The Boys season 4, and things are not looking good for Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) - but seem a lot better for Homelander (Antony Starr).


It appears the new season will pick up right where Gen V left off, with that presidential election, as Prime Video has released new posters of some very familiar faces.

One shows Homelander - who we know is in support of vice presidential candidate Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) and presidential candidate Robert Singer (Jim Beaver) - looking triumphant with red, white and blue confetti raining around him.

Another shows Butcher looking downcast, perhaps in the aftermath of some kind of celebration, surrounded by some very sad-looking balloons.

Basically, it's not looking good for our heroes.

The posters also confirm that the new season will be coming sometime in 2024.

While we don't have a release date for The Boys season 4 just yet, we do have some clues about the plot, involving our very own Butcher.

The final scenes of Gen V, which lead into The Boys season 4, show him making an unexpected cameo. It seems that the new season will see Butcher visiting Godolkin and investigating The Woods.

Could he happen upon the virus Shetty and Dr Cardosa were developing?

Filming was completed earlier this year on The Boys season 4, with Eric Kripke previously telling RadioTimes.com that the season 3 finale – which left the cast in a pretty dire situation as Butcher learned he doesn’t have very long to live – will pave the way for the next instalment.

"The storylines that we have set up need to smash into each other at the end of this season," he explained. "And out of that explosion comes the new threads of the storyline, that then we pick up [in] season 4."

Jessie T Usher, who plays speedster A-Train in the superhero drama, added that The Seven are "worse off than when we began" by the end of season 3, which could mean even more unpredictable behaviour ahead from the remaining members.

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