Barb from Stranger Things has been resurrected... for an award ceremony.

During the 74th Golden Globes' La La Land-parodying opening number, Shannon Purser, who plays the Stranger Things breakout star, rose from a swimming pool similar to the one where the monstrous Demogorgon took her character to the Upside Down.

You can see her Graham-Norton-opening-credits-style rise from the pool – as well as a short rap from the kids of Stranger Things – below…

And here’s the bad news: although Barb rose from the dead/Upside Down at the Golden Globes, she’s still very much a goner in the show. As previously reported, Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers have said Barb won’t be returning from the Monster’s lair in season two of the show. They have, however, promised “some justice for Barb” in upcoming episodes.

Although you won't see her alive again, at least you'll always have this memory of her...

BARB IS ALIVE! ? #FallonGlobes

— Fallon Tonight (@FallonTonight) January 9, 2017