STOP PRESS: Dennis Quaid has formed a ukulele band on the set of Fortitude

Ladies and gentlemen...The King Crabs!


[Major spoilers for Fortitude series 1, minor spoilers for series 2]


Fortitude isn’t the happiest of shows, with its grisly murder and frozen landscapes and mind controlling prehistoric parasites. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get down and funky, especially with new cast member Dennis Quaid leading the party.

“We started out with him on his guitar,” Fortitude star Richard Dormer revealed at the Edinburgh Television Festival. “Then I got out my ukulele, and within weeks six other cast members had bought ukuleles. So we just had this little ukulele band – The King Crabs – with ‘The King Crab’ as the main guy.”

“We’re working on an album release.”

We’re going to be honest, this isn’t the story we expected to write before going to a Fortitude screening, but we’re glad it’s the story we ended up writing.


If you’re having trouble imagining it all, just picture this, but on an iceberg.