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Steven Moffat wants to make more of Doctor Who spin-off Class – “We can’t let the Weeping Angels win!”

The Coal Hill Academy-set series has yet to be confirmed for a second series

Published: Wednesday, 19th April 2017 at 12:00 pm

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat would love to see a second series for young adult spin-off Class, as the BBC3 series’ fate remains in limbo.


“We don’t know right now – we would love to get more Class made,” Moffat (who is an executive producer on the series) told the crowd at the Doctor Who series 10 launch on Tuesday night.

“We’re in a different world now, for how television works, especially when our channel is basically online. Wait and see what’s going to happen.

“Now, the Weeping Angels cannot be allowed to win, can they?” he added, referring to the first series’ cliffhanger when the fan-favourite Doctor Who villains were revealed to be plotting world domination within the school. “Let’s just hope that Coal Hill gets another go.”

Created by novelist Patrick Ness, Class follows the adventures of students in longtime Doctor Who location Coal Hill School, who are tasked with monitoring tears in space by Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.

The series stars Katherine Kelly, Greg Austin, Sophie Hopkins, Vivian Oparah and Fady Elsayed, and is due to air for the first time in the US this 15th April on BBC America right after Doctor Who series 10’s first episode.

Many have speculated that the series’ future will depend on whether it receives a good response in the States, which could be what Moffat is referring to in his comments about the changing face of television.

“It’s a great show,” he went on. “If you haven’t seen Class, you really need to go and watch it – it’s absolutely terrific. A lovely lovely cast, fantastic jokes.

“And Weeping Angels at the end – which is a fantastic surprise if you haven’t been told already by a fat old man.”

We can only hope the new US audience wasn't listening…


Class series 1 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer


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