Today saw the release of the Class series finale, with the Doctor Who spin-off ending its first run of episodes with action, romance, shadow aliens and even a death or two.


However, the episode’s final moments also revealed a shocking twist involving a key piece of Doctor Who mythology, which completely changes what we’ve understood about Class thus far.

Look away after the jump, because spoilers are coming up.


Kept your eyes open? OK then – you’d better be ready to hold them that way, because it turns out the mysterious “benefactors” backing Coal Hill Academy’s governors are none other than the Weeping Angels, terrifying quantum-locked monsters introduced by Steven Moffat in 2007 Doctor Who episode Blink.

The Angels (who last briefly appeared in 2015 Who episode Hell Bent) were revealed in spooky style towards the end of this week’s instalment, executing Pooky Quesnel’s headmistress Dorothea for failing to carry out the school governors’ plans appropriately.


And those plans? Well, as the episode goes on to reveal, said shady governers (led by Cucumber’s Cyril Nri) in charge of the school our heroes attend are working towards a Weeping Angel prophecy called The Arrival, which based on a strange tablet on the wall (below) seems to revolve around a giant Angel terrorising modern London.


Now this could just be metaphorical, suggesting an Angel invasion of Earth, but then again we have seen giant versions of this species before. Remember when the Statue of Liberty turned into an enormous Weeping Angel in 2012 episode The Angels take Manhattan? Perhaps it’ll be like that but, you know, more British.

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Why the governers think that’d be such a neat idea or how they communicate with living statues that turn to stone when you look at them is still unclear, but hey – assuming Class gets a second series, we’re sure we’ll find out the ins and outs.

For now, we’re just happy to see a tangible Doctor Who connection in Class as the series has largely shied away from references to its parent show since the opening episode. Here’s hoping whatever future Angels storylines it has to offer are more heavenly than hellish.


All episodes of Class are now available to stream on BBC3 online