Stephen Colbert mixed up his Doctors and David Tennant handled it wonderfully

WHO? No, that's strange...


The old “do you call him The Doctor or Doctor Who?” confusion became the subject of a cracking little exchange between David Tennant and Stephen Colbert on The Late Show in the US last night.


Colbert dropped into the show’s green room to meet his guest, telling Tennant he’d been his favourite Who – only for Tennant to become rather confused about WHO Colbert was actually talking about.

And then Stephen Strange, aka Doctor Strange, entered the mix, making things ten times more confusing for the duo.

One thing they weren’t confused about was William Shakespeare. Tennant took to Colbert’s sofa to have quite the chat about the playwright and the everyday phrases he’s responsible for.


They also took a minute to discuss Prince Charles’ schooling of a whole host of top notch British actors during the Royal Shakespeare Company’s tribute to the playwright.