Star Wars Episode VII: What else could JJ Abrams do?

He's already directing, producing and writing, but we reckon the Star Trek director should try his hand at designing, composing and, er, catering...

Not content with producing and directing the new Star Wars movie, JJ Abrams has taken it upon himself to pen the script, too, following the departure of original screenwriter, Michael Arndt. 


The busiest man in Hollywood already has a fair amount of work on his plate – a brief glance through his IMDB entry reveals producer or exec producer credits on (deep breath…) Revolution, Person of Interest, Star Trek 3, Mission: Impossible 5, a sequel to Cloverfield, plus feature films Infinitely Polar Bear, Half-Life and Portal. 

But we thought he could deal with a few more additions to his workload, and where better than the set of his latest project? Here are a few ideas for Mr Abrams to consider… 

The next Luke Skywalker?

Abrams is no stranger to acting, having stepped in front of the camera way back in 1993 to play Doug in Six Degrees of Separation. Since then he’s generally shied away from any on-screen action, although he did once appear as “man on the phone” in his TV series Alias. Does he secretly harbour a desire to play Star Wars’ next leading man? Maybe that’s the real reason all casting details remain shrouded in mystery. Use the force, JJ…. 

Stunt man

With big budgets come big stunts, and why would JJ hire a double when he could do the job himself? The actors themselves may be too scared to scale the heights and swing across great chasms, but Abrams could always suit up and save Disney some pennies. We reckon he’s pretty handy with a lightsaber, too… 

Music to our ears

John Williams who? The Star Wars composer may lay claim to some of the most famous theme music in film history, but what’s to stop JJ getting a piece of the pie? After all, our Jack of all trades has a history of writing high profile scores – ever wondered who wrote the Alias music? Abrams. Lost? Abrams. Person of Interest? We could go on… Now, Williams has already been confirmed to compose – and there would probably be a fair bit of backlash from fans if he was ditched – but maybe JJ could be trusted to tinkle on a triangle in the background? 

Costume design

It takes a stylish man to hold his own on a red carpet alongside the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine, but JJ’s look is pretty specstacular, if you ask us. He’s currently expected to team up with his Star Trek costume designer on Episode VII, but the style is strong with this one – what if he flew Solo? 

“Do you want chips with that?” 

Forget all this “lights, camera, action” malarkey. What if Abrams’ true talents lie in cuisine? A large crew needs some quality grub to fuel them through a long day on set, so we reckon JJ should don his chef’s hat and get cooking during his lunch hour. Chop, chop. 

Just let go, JJ

Not satisfied with producing, directing, acting, stunt doubling, composing, designing and dishing up lunch, JJ couldn’t simply sit back and reap the rewards of his success, oh no… With all that spare time on his hands, you’re bound to find him down the local cinema, guiding the paying punters to their seats, using a replica lightsaber to show them the way.