Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Star Trek: Picard season 3 finale.


It's a bittersweet time for Star Trek fans, with the finale of Picard season 3 upon us.

The latest instalment of the beloved sci-fi show saw Sir Patrick Stewart return as Captain Jean-Luc Picard for the epic final episode – and while many have dubbed it the perfect farewell, there are some scenes that didn't actually make the cut.

Speaking to Variety, executive producer Terry Matalas said there were some things the team behind the series "simply didn't have the time and money to shoot".

He explained: "In the very first iterations of script, we had discovered that Ro Laren had in fact survived, and had been beamed off of her shuttle and was still being used by the Changelings for information. It was already too ambitious of a schedule, so we weren’t able to be able to pull that off.

"We had a scene with [the Data-based android from Season 1] Soji and Data that we were also not able to shoot. We have wanted some more 'Voyager' folks to come be part of Seven of Nine’s promotion to captain. It comes down to how many pennies you have left in the piggy bank after building a Borg cube and an Enterprise."

After all, Matalas has been open about how pricey it was to bring back the Enterprise (but oh, so worth it).

He told Variety: "Everyone tried to talk us out of doing this, because financially it’s a nightmare, and the timing was tight. To the moment we started filming, we were still gluing pieces together.

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"But you can’t have a Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion without one of its major characters, which is the Enterprise."

The final episode of Picard brought both generations together, with Picard managing to rescue his son Jack (Ed Speelers) from his assimilation of the Borg Queen (Alice Krige), and he fully embraced being a father.

The following one-year time jump explicitly teases the spin-off with a fantastic passing of the torch from the last generation to the next, leaving fans hoping that it might not be the end of the story and that perhaps one day, spin-off Star Trek: Legacy will be on the cards.

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