Two new Star Trek movies are in the works

Could one of them be Quentin Tarantino’s?

Zachary Quinto as Spock in Star Trek Beyond (SEAC, JG)

Good news for Star Trek fans: it looks like the franchise is certainly going to “live long and prosper” as two new movies are in the works at Paramount.


Studio head Jim Gianopulos teased that Paramount was developing more films in the Star Trek universe at CinemaCon on Wednesday.

Gianopulos provided no further details on the films, although it is known that Quentin Tarantino is working on a Star Trek movie with JJ Abrams.

Other scripts for Star Trek movies are also being penned, as revealed by Spock actor Zachary Quinto in March. “All of us are really excited about the idea of working with Quentin on a Trek film,” he told ET Canada.

“But I know Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, who wrote the last film, are writing a script and there are another set of writers writing a script.”


Watch this space for more news on the forthcoming Star Trek movies as it flies in…