Spider-Man’s Tom Holland and Zendaya celebrate the character’s MCU return

Peter Parker is back at Marvel, and the cast couldn’t be happier

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When talks between Marvel Studios and Sony broke down earlier this year, it seemed like Spider-Man was out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever – but then, in a shock move the two companies put aside their differences this week to join together again for a final solo Spidey film and at least one other MCU appearance, delighting fans around the world.


And star Tom Holland, who’s played the MCU Spider-Man since his first appearance in 2016, was celebrating too. Posting on Instagram, Holland acknowledged the new deal with a clip from Martin Scorcese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, specifically a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort announces that he’s “Not f****ing leaving!” his company after all.

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Later, on his Instagram stories and on Twitter Holland also thanked his friends and fans for standing by him during the Sony-Marvel upheaval, without directly acknowledging what had happened.

And Holland wasn’t the only Spider-Man cast member to celebrate Sony and Marvel’s new deal, with Zendaya – who plays love interest MJ in Holland’s movies – also posting a dancing Spider-Man gif in reference to the news, and adding a thumbs-up picture of director Jon Watts to her Instagram stories.


Clearly, everyone’s pretty happy that Spider-Man hasn’t crashed out of the MCU without a deal. Now all we have to do is begin the long wait for the next movie…