She-Hulk episode 1's post-credits scene has finally settled one of the biggest questions that has been haunting Marvel Cinematic Universe forums over the last decade – was Captain America a virgin?


The surprising topic of conversation was first brought up earlier in the episode when Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is catching up with her cousin, Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), whilst on a drive through the countryside.

"My theory: Steve Rogers did not have a girlfriend before he went into the service," she begins. "He becomes Captain America and from that moment on, a symbol of America, he is rushed to the frontlines, he becomes a war hero – then he is frozen in ice."

Jen continues: "So, based on everything you've told me, after he gets unfrozen, he goes from world-threatening disaster to world-threatening disaster – that's when he's not a fugitive from the law, right?

"So it seems like he was pretty, pretty busy... Obviously, Captain America was a virgin," she concludes, before a mysterious spaceship causes her to swerve off the road in a serious crash.

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The scene has a meta quality to it as numerous MCU fans have made the same observation about Cap's love life (or lack thereof) across social media, but now we have canon confirmation on exactly what his situation was.

Is it any of our business? Certainly not, but nevertheless, let's answer this important question.

She-Hulk end credits scene: Was Captain America a virgin?

The post-credits scene at the end of She-Hulk episode 1 takes us back to Bruce Banner's laboratory in Mexico, where Jennifer Walters is lamenting over her Cap theory while having a drink with her cousin.

"That ass did not deserve to die a virgin," she says through tears, appearing to be very drunk, and making reference to Cap's complimentary nickname of 'America's Ass' from Avengers: Endgame.

Growing visibly worn down by Jen's fixation on this issue, Bruce reluctantly discloses: "Cap lost his virginity to a girl in 1943 on the USO tour."

At this point Jen drops the facade, revealing she wasn't really drunk at all and was simply putting on an act to get the information she was so desperate to know.

She-Hulk end credits scene: The First Avenger reference explained

Captain America (Chris Evans) on the 1943 USO Tour in The First Avenger
Captain America (Chris Evans) on the 1943 USO Tour in The First Avenger. SEAC

The USO tour was depicted in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger as the time when Steve Rogers would perform patriotic sketches and give motivational speeches to crowds of troops across the frontlines.

While his act proved popular with civilians at home, it earned a decidedly frostier reception from the soldiers themselves, who didn't respect Cap for staying so far from the action despite his superhuman strength.

Their hostile reaction was one of the factors that inspired him to finally take matters into his own hands, using his abilities to rescue childhood friend Bucky Barnes, who had been captured by the Nazis and associated group HYDRA.

Now, we know that the liberation of Bucky and numerous other soldiers on that mission wasn't the only good thing that happened as a result of the tour.

Speaking about She-Hulk's key role in shaping Captain America lore, showrunner Jessica Gao told "I believe it's my crowning achievement as a writer. I mean, I can rest easy if that's my legacy. I'm very satisfied."

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