With episode 4 of Secret Invasion now on Disney Plus, fans have been left shocked by the most action-packed episode to date.

We had a stand-off between Fury (Samuel L Jackson) and his wife, a major death, a fan theory confirmed – and a character we thought we'd seen the last of basically coming back from the death.

Yep, G'iah's back. Here's everything you need to know about what happened there.

Here's everything you need to know about G'iah.

Why didn't Giah die in Secret Invasion?

In episode 3, it appeared that G'iah was shot dead by Gravik. However, the opening scenes of episode 4 reveal that, before those events took place, she subjected herself to the Super Skrull procedure, giving her the same healing powers as Gravik.

She later reunites with her father Talos - although they don't leave things on the best terms, something G'iah might now live to regret.

Fans are convinced that, now we know G'iah is a match for Gravik, we'll end up seeing some sort of showdown between the pair of them.

Emilia Clarke lit in blue, looking concerned
Emilia Clarke as G'iah in Secret Invasion Disney Plus

What happened to G'iah in episode 3 of Secret Invasion?

Throughout the series so far, G'iah has been passing information about Gravik's (Kingsley Ben-Adir) plans to her father Talos - and it's clear in episode 3 that he knows he's being betrayed.

After passing on a piece of information only she could have discovered - the code to stop a submarine strike - Talos tells her to run.

She makes her way out of New Skrullos on a motorbike but is cut off by a car, with Gravik waiting for her.

Gravik says, "Where are you off to, G'iah?" as she attempts a last-ditch effort at deceiving him, responding, "I heard about the failed strike. Our men need exfiltration."

Gravik reveals that the mission didn't fail - and that finding the traitor was "essential". He tells her to turn around, with G'iah responding: "No. You will look at me. And you'll ask yourself, are you a leader of Skrulls, or our worst enemy?"

Not hesitating, Gravik shoots her in the chest and she reverts back to her Skrull form, while Gravik gets in his car and drives away.

Secret Invasion: Who is Emilia Clarke's G'iah?

Ben Mendelsohn and Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion, talking in an alleyway
Ben Mendelsohn and Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion. Des Willie/Disney Plus

G'iah is the estranged daughter of Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), who was first introduced in the 2019 blockbuster Captain Marvel.

She can be spotted briefly towards the end of the film, where she appears as a young girl and is emotionally reunited with her father after facing persecution from the villainous Kree.

Of course, that film was a period piece taking place in the 1990s, which is why the G'iah featured in Secret Invasion is a fully-grown adult – and her relationship with her parents has evolved considerably.

It is implied that she went on the run some time ago, having lost faith in her father's allegiance with humanity after both Fury and Carol Danvers failed to find them the new home they had once promised.

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She was compelled to join the revolutionary Gravik, who is causing instability around the world by staging terrorist attacks and replacing certain people with Skrull imposters.

In the time she has been away from her family, her mother Soren (played by Sharon Blynn in Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far from Home) has sadly died. The news comes as a terrible shock when she reunites with her father.

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Soren's final words to Talos were to find their daughter and reconcile. However, given that shocking ending, it's unclear if that will be possible.

G'iah has also appeared in the Marvel comic books, where she was introduced in 2019 limited series Meet the Skrulls, which had a similar premise to Cold War drama The Americans (i.e. spies masquerading as a suburban family).

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