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Peter Capaldi leads fan tributes as Cardiff's Doctor Who Experience closes

The Twelfth Doctor marked the closing of the Cardiff Whovian haven with a very special video message

Published: Sunday, 10th September 2017 at 11:39 am

Doctor Who's very own Twelfth Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, joined fans paying tribute to Cardiff's Doctor Who Experience as the attraction finally closed its doors on Saturday September 9th.


The actor, who is currently in the USA, sent a special video message to fans gathered at the Experience for its final day in operation.

"It's incredible to be on the streets of Cardiff and hear someone who comes from China, or someone who comes from Russia, or someone who comes from America saying 'can you direct me to the Doctor Who Experience?' and that has actually happened and they haven't clocked it's me, because I've been in heavy disguise", he said.

"But people do come from all over the world to come and visit the Doctor Who Experience, and that's a great example of how successful it has been", Capaldi continued. "I'm sorry it's closing, I'm sorry I'm not there, please have a wonderful wonderful time. And take the spirit of Doctor Who and the Doctor Who experience with you wherever you go."

Both fans and staff at the Cardiff Bay venue spent much of the final day sharing memories and tributes on Twitter.

There were also tributes from fans who'd made the journey throughout the years.

And sad laments from those who'd never made it down.

There was a very special video from the official Doctor Who Facebook page to mark the occasion.

Plus, on their last trip inside the Tardis, one Whovian couple even got engaged.


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