Well, that didn’t last long – Doctor Who companion Pearl Mackie is returning to the BBC sci-fi series after apparently leaving for good in the series 10 finale, with her character Bill Potts set to star alongside Peter Capaldi’s Doctor once again for his final episode this Christmas.

The move – announced during Doctor Who's panel at San Diego Comic-Con – will also see her meet David Bradley’s take on the First Doctor (originally played by William Hartnell) as he joins forces with his later self, with rumour abounding that other former companions including Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald may also be saying their farewells to Capaldi’s Time Lord in the festive special.

Of course, last time we saw Mackie’s character she’d been saved from life as a Cyberman by her old flame Heather, who transformed Bill into an interdimensional being like herself with the promise that she could also return her to human form if she so wished.

So for the moment it’s unclear whether we’ll be seeing normal human Bill or space-travelling demigod Bill, but hey – we’re sure fans will be delighted to see the Tardis twosome reunited no matter how they manage it.

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Christmas