New Star Wars TV series details revealed

Jon Favreau’s live-action series takes place at a very interesting point in Star Wars history…

Actor Jon Favreau arrives for the premiere of Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm's

It seems like there’s a nearly endless list of Star Wars projects in the works at the moment, from the soon-to-be-released Solo: A Star Wars Story and JJ Abrams’ Episode IX to TWO separate trilogies of films from Rian Johnson and Game of Thrones creator David Benioff and DB Weiss.


But perhaps the most intriguing Star Wars project on the horizon is the On-Demand TV series from Iron Man and The Jungle Book director Jon Favreau, which was announced as a high-profile addition to Disney’s upcoming streaming service a few months ago.

And now Favreau has shed a little light on what we can expect from the live-action series, revealing to Nerdist’s Dan Casey that the show will take place seven years after the Empire were destroyed (placing it between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens), feature an entirely new cast and (perhaps most intriguingly of all) use “cutting-edge tech” to bring the story to life.

This would place the series at an interesting point in Star Wars history, when the New Republic was flourishing and the galaxy was in a period of relative peace, while also allowing some foreshadowing of what was to come. The evil First Order were just getting started around this time, after all…

However, it’s also still a relatively unmapped bit of Star Wars timeline – at least since most of the spin-off novels from the last few decades were made non-canonical by Disney – so it’s ripe for some intriguing stories that we can’t wait to see onscreen.


Solo: A Star Wars story is released in UK cinemas on the 25th May