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New on Netflix UK in June 2017: the best movies and tv shows coming soon

Orange is the New Black season 5 hits Netflix, new series GLOW and Gypsy make their debuts, plus Better Call Saul reaches its season 3 finale – check out all the shows and films you need to see this June

Published: Sunday, 18th June 2017 at 1:00 pm

Once upon a time, the end of May signalled the end of the television season, and we were left to ponder season finale cliffhangers until September trundled back around.


But, then came the internet, and with it, Netflix. We'll be hard pushed to find a minute of free time that could not easily be filled up with great new TV this summer.

This June, the streaming giants have a host of new and returning TV shows, original films and exciting documentaries to keep us binging throughout the summer.

What will be this season's breakout hit? Find out below. To see what's happening in May, click here.

1 June

While We’re Young Noah Baumbach’s nostalgic satire centres around a middle aged married couple (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts) who become enamoured with a pair of artsy youngsters played by Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried.

Blue Velvet David Lynch’s neo-noir opus is every bit as bonkers and brilliant as Twin Peaks.

Austin Powers in Goldmember No one’s going to hold Queen Bey to account for this one? Mike Meyers and Beyonce star in a silly, entertaining James Bond spoof.

2 June

Flaked: Season 2 Arrested Development’s Will Arnett stars as a recovering alcoholic-turned self-help guru in this Original Series.

6 June

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments – season 2B The fantasy series picks up again following its mid-season break. There are 10 episodes left in the current run, streaming on Netflix UK less than 24 hours after its US broadcast.

9 June

Orange Is The New Black season 5 The women at Litchfield pen are ready to fight for change after the tragic end to season four.

Shimmer Lake An inventive crime thriller - told in reverse, Memento style - about a small-town detective who tries to track down the perpetrators of a failed bank heist. Starring Rainn Wilson.

11 June

Orphan Black: Season 5 The final run of episodes from this clone conspiracy sci-fi series - we'll be saying goodbye to one of the worst cockney accents of all time.

13 June

Better Call Saul season 3 finale Jimmy faces season's end in dire circumstances. The penultimate episode aired on 6 June.

15 June

Anthropoid Peaky Blinders' Cillian Murphy and Fifty Shades' Jamie Dornan star in a gripping, lesser known tale from WWII, as two Czechoslovakian soldiers plotting the assassination of a high ranking Nazi general.

16 June

El Chapo: Season 1 A Netflix Original Spanish-language series in the vein of Narcos, tracking the life of the infamous Mexican druglord.

The Full Monty The Magic Mike of 90s Blighty. A group of out-of-work steel workers try their hand at stripping.

19 June

Jurassic World Hollywood’s most likeable leading man Chris Pratt stars in the long-awaited sequel to Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur epic.

Hinterland series 2 This eerie BBC crime series is set in west Wales, and switches between English and Welsh with disarming effect. In Wales the series is called Y Gwyll. Series one was already available – series two is added to Netflix today.

22 June

Luther: Season 4 Idris Elba shines as hard-boiled detective in this psychological crime drama from the BBC.

Ant-Man Marvel’s lightest, breeziest (and tiniest) superhero flick. Starring Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas.

Schindler’s List Heartbreaking WWII epic starring Liam Neeson as a boss in occupied Poland who makes an effort to save the lives of his Jewish workers.

23 June

GLOW: Season 1 A potential breakout hit of the summer? A new comedy from the team behind OITNB, starring Alison Brie (Mad Men) as a struggling actor who gets lured into the world of female wrestling by comedian Marc Maron’s washed-up director-turned wrestling coach.

Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press An in-depth look at the Hulk Hogan vs Gawker case. Rather pertinent in the age of Trump and fake news.

25 June

Call the Midwife series 5 The episodes that aired last year on BBC1 now arrive on Netflix UK. Laugh, cry and love Nonnatus all over again.

28 June

Okja Acclaimed Korean director Bong Joon-Ho goes quasi-Hollywood with this Netflix Original film about an evil corporation that attempts to engineer a race of super-pigs for mass consumption by stealing a young Korean girl’s over-sized pet. Starring Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Girl, Interrupted An eerie look inside a female mental institution, lifted by a star-making performance from Angelina Jolie.

District 9 Aliens have landed, but it’s not quite like the movies. The newcomers are treated as refugees, and governments across the globe debate what to do with them. Extra-terrestrial thriller produced by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.

30 June

Gypsy: Season 1 Naomi Watts stars in this new Netflix series as a fetishistic therapist who becomes overly involved in the lives of her patients. The first two episodes are directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson

Chef A joyous film about a chef (Jon Favreau) who fulfils his long-delayed dream by buying a food truck and taking his talents to the streets. Just don't watch it when you’re hungry.


Hunger A brutal depiction of the hunger strikes in Northern Ireland during the 1970s from Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave). Starring Michael Fassbender as revolutionary figure Bobby Sands.


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