Netflix has some good news and some bad news for Doctor Who fans

The sci-fi series will continue to be available on the streaming service in the UK but not in America


There’s good news for Doctor Who fans in the UK but bad news for their US counterparts as Netflix reveals that the series will continue to be available in Britain but will leave the American streaming service from February.


Netflix US confirmed the news on Twitter in response to questions from fans who had spotted that Doctor Who episodes appeared to expire on their Netflix accounts on 1st February. Netflix told Doctor Who Online that the licence for the show was about to end but suggested there was still a possibility of negotiating a new deal in the future.


The issue does not currently affect British fans, who can access all of the first seven series of Doctor Who on Netflix, from Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston’s debut, through David Tennant’s tenure, and up until Matt Smith’s departure, while Netflix in Canada will also continue to offer the series.

UPDATE: UK Doctor Who fans may have just three months left to watch the show on Netflix