Neil Gaiman set to produce new sci-fi drama The Building

The fantasy author adds another TV show to his in-box


Not content with working on the radio adaptation of Stardust and TV versions of his books American Gods and Good Omens (the latter co-written with Terry Pratchett), author Neil Gaiman has decided to plunge his toe even deeper into the world of entertainment by producing a science-fiction TV show.


The award-winning author, whose most well-known TV work includes Sky Arts’ Likely Stories and two episodes of Doctor Who, is set to produce a new Fox drama called The Building, based on a digital film called Parallels which became a success on Netflix.

According to Deadline The Building will focus on a skyscraper that shifts between alternate realities, stranding several young “urban explorers” in a post-nuclear world where Ronald Reagan was never President. Realising that the building will shift again after a certain time limit, the explorers must rescue their teammates before it’s too late – only to discover that, Quantum Leap style, the building has merely taken them to another Earth that isn’t their own, and it may be some time before they get home.


The series is written by showrunner Albert Kim with the original film’s writer/director Chris Leone, with the pair acting as producers alongside Gaiman, and overall it sounds like an exciting prospect for fans of Gaiman’s trademark style of twisted fantasy. Just so long as he doesn’t tire himself out too much.