As the sixth instalment and second series in the MonsterVerse franchise, it's safe to say that there's a lot of anticipation building in the run-up to the release of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.


The new 10-part show is being released weekly on Apple TV+ from Friday 17th November, and continues the story after it came to an action-packed head in 2021's Godzilla vs Kong.

Following the battle between Godzilla and the Titans which levelled San Francisco, this new series follows two siblings who are searching for their father to uncover their family’s connection to the secretive organisation known as Monarch.

According to the synopsis: "The dramatic saga — spanning three generations — reveals buried secrets and the ways that epic, earth-shattering events can reverberate through our lives."

The series is being led by Kurt and Wyatt Russell, real-life father and son, who star as the young and older versions of army officer Lee Shaw.

But who else features in the new show? Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters cast – Full list of actors and characters in Apple TV+ series

Aside from the Russells leading the cast as two versions of Lee Shaw, the line-up is also rounded out by the likes of Pachinko's Anna Sawai and The Flash's Kiersey Clemons.

Scroll on to find out more about the characters and where you may have seen the actors previously.

  • Kurt Russell as Lee Shaw
  • Wyatt Russell as Young Lee Shaw
  • Anna Sawai as Cate Randa
  • Kiersey Clemons as May
  • Ren Watabe as Kentaro
  • Mari Yamamoto as Keiko
  • John Goodman as Bill Randa
  • Anders Holm as Young Bill Randa
  • Joe Tippett as Tim
  • Elisa Lasowski as Duvall

Kurt Russell plays Lee Shaw

Kurt Russell in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters wearing a grey jacket and shirt
Kurt Russell in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Apple TV+

Who is Lee Shaw? Once clues about Monarch are unearthed, the rabbit hole inadvertently leads to army officer Shaw, who we follow in both the 1950s and half a century later, when Monarch is threatened by what Shaw knows.

Where have I seen Kurt Russell before? Russell began acting at the age of 12 and has a long list of notable films and TV roles under his belt, including Silkwood, Elvis (1979) and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, to name a few. He has also appeared as Ego in MCU's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and What If...?, and has starred as Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles.

Wyatt Russell plays Young Lee Shaw

Wyatt Russell stars in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters wearing a brown jacket, sat in the back of a van
Wyatt Russell stars in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Apple TV+

Where have I seen Wyatt Russell before? Wyatt is the son of Kurt Russell and is a former professional ice hockey player and actor. He is known for his roles as John Walker in MCU's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and as Sean 'Dud' Dudley in Lodge 49. He has also starred in Black Mirror episode Playtest, and more recently portrayed Dan Lafferty in Under the Banner of Heaven.

Anna Sawai plays Cate Randa

Anna Sawai as Cate Randa in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters looking up in the rain.
Anna Sawai as Cate Randa in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Apple TV+

Who is Cate Randa? A G-Day survivor and former schoolteacher, Cate travels to Japan to sort out some family matters - but, instead, stumbles upon a long-held secret that she now must find the answers to.

Where have I seen Anna Sawai before? Sawai actually rose to fame as one of the lead vocalists in girl group Faky from 2013 to 2018. In terms of acting, Sawai has starred in Giri/Haji, Colors and Apple TV+ international hit series, Pachinko.

Kiersey Clemons plays May

Ren Watabe as Kentaro and Kiersey Clemons as May in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters kneeling down in a cave with torches in hand.
Ren Watabe as Kentaro and Kiersey Clemons as May in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Apple TV+

Who is May? May is an American ex-pat who uses her exterior to protect herself and others around her - but always remains a few steps ahead of everyone.

Where have I seen Kiersey Clemons before? Clemons has starred in Austin & Ally, Dope and Easy. She has also played the role of Iris West in Zack Snyder's Justice League and The Flash.

Ren Watabe plays Kentaro

Who is Kentaro? Kentaro has been described as "an intelligent, creative, and curious young man who has yet to find his own path". We follow him as he embarks on a quest to learn more about his mysterious father and discover his own talents in the process.

Where have I seen Ren Watabe before? Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is Watabe's first major TV role, with the actor having also appeared in Japanese film 461 Lunch Boxes.

Mari Yamamoto plays Keiko

Anders Holm and Mari Yamamoto in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters standing together in a wooded area
Anders Holm and Mari Yamamoto in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Who is Keiko? Keiko is a scientist who joins Bill Randa and Lee Shaw as they seek to discover both the existence and true nature of Titans.

Where have I seen Mari Yamamoto before? Yamamoto starred as Hana in Pachinko, as well as films like Kate, Story Game and Not to Be Unpleasant, But We Need to Have a Serious Talk.

Anders Holm plays Young Bill Randa

Where have I seen Anders Holm before? Holm stars as the younger version of John Goodman's character, giving viewers insight into his past in Monarch. Holm is known for being one of the stars and creators of Comedy Central's Workaholics, and featured in Champions. He has also starred in Inventing Anna, The Muppets Mayhem and The Mindy Project.

John Goodman plays Bill Randa

John Goodman wearing a suit with his hands by his waist
John Goodman. Steve Granitz/WireImage

Who is Bill Randa? William 'Bill' Randa is a major character from 2017's Kong: Skull Island and led the Monarch expedition in the film. He died in the movie but his taped confession - admitting to the mistakes that Monarch made in their time finding and killing monsters - is unearthed, leading to the events of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Where have I seen John Goodman before? Goodman reprises his role as Bill Randa from the 2017 film, but is known for his collaborations with the Coen brothers over the years in films like The Big Lebowski and Raising Arizona. He has since starred in Argo, Patriots Day, Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Righteous Gemstones and Community, to name a few.

Joe Tippett plays Tim

Elisa Lasowski as Duvall and Joe Tippett as Tim in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters leaning over a control board.
Elisa Lasowski as Duvall and Joe Tippett as Tim in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Apple TV+

Who is Tim? Tim has been described as "an office drone who dreams of secret agent adventure". He may be a tad too confident for everybody's liking (often getting into trouble for it), but something you can't doubt is his determination in not wanting to fail his organisation.

Where have I seen Joe Tippett before? Tippett is known for his roles in Rise, Mare of Easttown and Alaska Daily. He has also starred in Spirited, Mr Harrigan's Phone and Dirty John.

Elisa Lasowski plays Duvall

Who is Duvall? Duvall has been described as "an expert operative with unwavering confidence in herself and her skills". She possesses a wry sense of humour, which she uses to guide her less field-orientated colleague.

Where have I seen Elisa Lasowski before? Lasowski has starred in Line of Duty, Game of Thrones, Hyena, Versailles and Kompromat.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will begin on Apple TV+ on Friday 17th November - sign up to Apple TV+ now. Check out more of our Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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