Does Men in Black: International have a post-credits scene?

Despite the presence of a bona fide Avenger, there’s nothing waiting for fans after the credits


New sci-fi reboot Men in Black: International boasts a couple of Marvel superhero stars and the possibility of a continuing franchise, so it’s understandable why some fans might expect to see a secret post-credits scene after the main movie, hinting at what’s to come next or just adding another joke.


However, fans waiting until after the credits may leave disappointed, as there are no post-credits scenes in the new Men in Black movie.

Really, this should be no surprise – the previous three Men in Black films haven’t had post-credits scenes, and it’s not a given in any film, not even a big blockbuster – but given the presence of Thor and Valkyrie actors Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, you could be forgiven for wondering if the franchise might make an exception in this case.

Sadly, though, the film remains post-credits free – and if there DOES turn out to be a sequel, it’ll be a bit longer before we learn anything about it.


Men in Black: International is in UK cinemas from Friday 14th June