Chris Hemsworth teases Thor reunion in first-look Men in Black image

The Revengers are back together!

Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel, HF)

One of the more interesting upcoming projects for Avengers star Chris Hemsworth is the remake of Men in Black, which is set to star the Australian actor alongside Westworld’s Tessa Thompson as two new agents in the E.T.-wrangling game taking over from Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.


While we don’t know much about the film yet – other than that Hemsworth and Thompson play agents working out of London trying to solve an alien-related crime, with Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani and Rebecca Ferguson in other roles – Hemsworth certainly seems to be having fun making it, posting various videos in his Instagram story where he’s larking around behind-the-scenes.

And now he’s shared a new behind-the-scenes snap of himself and Thompson in their sharp-suited glory, while also reminding fans (via the caption) that this is something of a reunion for the actors after they played Thor and Valkyrie together for 2017’s critically-acclaimed Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok.

In that film, they founded a team called the Revengers – and as Hemsworth suggests, it looks like there’s no breaking up this particular super-team, even if they’re working in a completely different movie universe.

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And if the new Men in Black turns out to be anywhere near as fun as the last movie this pair starred in, well, there might be hope for the rebooted franchise yet.


The Men in Black reboot will be released in June 2019