Tom Hiddleston has revealed that his streaming series Loki will expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe into new territory, leaving fans to ponder exactly what that means.


The series debuted last week to a strong reception from critics, telling a surreal story in which the God of Mischief (Hiddleston) is apprehended by the mysterious Time Variance Authority.

After some initial attempts to escape their clutches, Loki was seemingly broken by the might of the organisation's headquarters, before being informed by Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) that they are on the trail of an alternate version of himself.

Fans already had an inkling that Loki would be an important puzzle piece to the future of the MCU, following recent comments from writer Michael Waldron that it will tie into Doctor Strange 2, with Hiddleston now adding to the hype.

In an interview hosted by TikTok account Theories by Tyrell, the actor was quizzed on which chapter of the six-part Loki series is his favourite – and his answer was very interesting indeed.

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"It's a tough one," he said. "They're all so different, which I love about it and every episode is almost a self-contained story, partly to do with the brilliance of everybody involved – not me, but Owen Wilson, [director] Kate Herron and cast members I'm afraid I cannot yet name for you, but wait and see."


Hiddleston teased: "I think episode four and five, the two of them together, the whole series takes off in a direction that I certainly didn't see coming when I read it, and I'm really excited for the audience to see it. That's where we just expand into new territory."

It's unclear exactly what the actor is referring to in that statement given that Marvel projects are always shrouded in secrecy until the very last moment, but fan theories are speculating the show could lead to the creation of a multiverse.

Loki is available to stream on Disney Plus - for more information, consult our Loki release schedule and visit our Marvel movies in order page to see how it fits into the MCU.

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