John Bishop tricked Bradley Walsh into giving him Doctor Who tips

Bradley Walsh is a good person to ask!

john bishop doctor who

We do not have long at all now to wait for series 13 of Doctor Who which is going by the name of Doctor Who: Flux for its six-episode run.


New to the TARDIS for this series is comedian, presenter and actor John Bishop and he steps aboard just after his friend and fellow presenter Bradley Walsh departed. And it turns out that Bradley – who played Graham O’Brien – gave Bishop some advice about joining the show… only he had no idea that was what he was doing.

“When I was at Soccer Aid, I knew it was happening, but he didn’t know it was happening,” Bishop told press including “So I didn’t tell him at Soccer Aid. I just sat with him. We had breakfast, and I asked him a load of questions. So he thought I was the biggest Whovian. ‘I didn’t know you were a big Doctor Who fan.’ I was going, ‘Yeah. I mean, what’s the set like? What’s Cardiff like?’.

“I was asking all these questions. And he’s going, ‘I’ve been in it for two years. You’ve never asked me once.’ So I told him afterwards, just before it was announced. I think he had a slight inkling!”

And it sounds like Bishop is just as keen as the rest of us to watch the new episodes as, despite being in the series, there’s still some of it that he’s super excited to see for the first time.

“There’s a lot that I’m desperate to see, because you’ve read the script, but you weren’t there when that bit was filmed. And to know how it all hangs together over the six, rather than just how it hangs together over the episode, is something I’m looking forward to seeing.”


Doctor Who: Flux begins on BBC One at 6:25pm on Sunday 31st October. For more, check out our dedicated Sci-Fi hub or our full TV Guide.