John Barrowman’s massive garage sale is PACKED with Doctor Who items

The Torchwood actor is selling off all his merch


John Barrowman has a LOT of stuff. The man is coming down in clothes, homeware and – most exciting of all – Doctor Who memorabilia.


Clearly it’s all got a bit much because the Torchwood star and his husband Scott are holding an enormous garage sale at their home this weekend and he’s given us a sneak peek on Twitter.

“It’s a good memorabilia show,” says Barrowman as he takes us on a tour.

No kidding. Just get a look at all the Doctor Who and Torchwood goodies up for grabs…

Barrowman’s merchandise game is STRONG.

And if you’re in need of a shirt (or 20!), he’s your guy…


If you find yourself in the vicinity of Palm Springs, California, you can go and ogle the goods in person this Saturday and Sunday. The rest of us will have to make do with watching on from afar.