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Do these brilliant Jessica Jones season 2 posters contain a secret Kilgrave callback?

Stylish new Jessica Jones artwork reveals the episode titles for season two – but do they also contain references to David Tennant's season one villain?

Published: Tuesday, 6th March 2018 at 4:36 pm

The episode titles for Jessica Jones season two have been revealed via a series of stylish new 'pulp cover' posters – but is there more to discover in these awesome illustrations?


Netflix unveiled the posters ahead of the season two launch on Thursday 8th March, and while they're terrific works in themselves (all created by female illustrations), it's hard not to look a little closer to see whether they contain any clues for the season ahead.

Check out the posters in the video below, and read on to find out more about what they could possibly mean...

First, those all important episode titles. If you didn't spot them all in the video, here they are in full.

1: “AKA Start at the Beginning”

2: “AKA Freak Accident”

3: “AKA Sole Survivor”

4: “AKA God Help the Hobo”

5: “AKA The Octopus”

6: “AKA Facetime”

7: “AKA I Want Your Cray Cray”

8: “AKA Ain’t We Got Fun”

9: “AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed”

10: “AKA Pork Chop”

11: “AKA Three Lives and Counting”

12: “AKA Pray For My Patsy”

13: “AKA Playland”

AKA is a nod to the series' original show title AKA Jessica Jones, and is also a neat way of acknowledging that when it comes down to it, we'll inevitably end up be referring to the episodes by their number rather than their name.

The first three titles clearly suggest that we're going back to Jessica Jones's past – the "beginning" of her powers are said to have taken place after a "freak accident" in a car killed her parents and her brother, leaving Jessica the "sole survivor". Interestingly, the cover design for episode seven, "AKA I Want Your Cray Cray", also features Jessica kneeling in front of the flaming wreck of a car.

Netflix poster for Jessica Jones season 2 episode 7, "AKA I Want Your Cray Cray" (Netflix)

Beyond these first episode titles however, things start to get a little more opaque – although episode 12, "AKA Pray For My Patsy", catches the eye.

'Patsy' is Jessica's friend Trish's name in the comic book source material. In the comics, Patsy/Trish is a superhero in her own right, also known as Hellcat. Perhaps we're going to see a little more of those superhero roots come to the fore in season two? Or maybe Trish should just be prepared for danger, especially given the design of episode 12's poster...

The poster for Jessica Jones season 2 episode 12, "AKA Pray For My Patsy" (Netflix)

The purple background is a clear nod to Jessica Jones's season one nemesis Kilgrave isn't it?

Previous trailers have cleverly played with purple lighting to tease the idea David Tennant's villain still might play a role in season two, and the posters are dealing with the same visual clues. Episode six, "AKA Facetime", also has a distinct purple sheen...

Netflix poster for Jessica Jones season two episode 6, "AKA Facetime" (Netflix)

The poster above also shows a shadowy figure wielding a syringe, which could again be a reference back to Kilgrave. The season one finale showed Kilgrave's father Albert attempting to improve his son's powers by injecting him with a syringe that temporarily turned his veins purple. That colour again...

The poster for the season two finale meanwhile has hints of Kilgrave's 'shrine' to Jessica Jones from season one: Jessica was horrified after discovering multiple photos and images of herself plastered over the walls of Kilgrave's room.

Netflix poster for Jessica Jones season two episode 13, "AKA Playland" (Netflix)

All of this is circumstantial, but yet again it hints that Jessica will not be able to move on from her final encounter with Kilgrave in season one, and that her past will continue to influence her present.


Check out the video again to examine all the posters in more detail. Jessica Jones season two is released on Netflix on Thursday 8th March 2018.


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