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Doctor Who’s Michelle Gomez is sick and tired of being asked about a female Doctor

“Oh God, I can’t believe we’re still talking about this,” the Scottish actor told

Published: Saturday, 20th May 2017 at 8:00 am

In the speculation over who should succeed Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who when he hangs up his sonic screwdriver this Christmas, an old argument has re-emerged over whether the next incarnation of the Doctor should be played by a woman.


With the likes of former series stars Billie Piper and Karen Gillan and writer Mark Gatiss among the voices suggesting it’s time for a change of gender inside the Tardis, the debate has raged for months with little solution, though now understands that it’s likely the BBC has decided to stick with a male Doctor for the time being.

But whatever the outcome, one person who you might think would have a strong opinion on the topic is Scottish actress Michelle Gomez, who has played her own female incarnation of a previously-male Time Lord (longtime villain The Master) in the series since 2014.

And so with that in mind, we asked her about the subject and discovered that her opinion certainly is passionate – but it’s actually an incredible frustration with the entire discussion and those still having it (including nosy entertainment journalists).

“Oh God, I can’t believe we’re still taking about this, it’s so boring,” Gomez told “Really, I mean seriously – REALLY BORING.

“Because it’s just about who’s the best person for the job, no matter whether you’ve got underpants or a jockstrap on. It doesn’t matter. I think we all just need to get over that.”

Still, Gomez went on to add that she had little truck with viewers who didn’t think a female Doctor was right for the show at all, saying that her own character had proven that such an event was eminently possible.

“Yes, of course there can be a female Doctor. There’s been a female Master, so that totally answers that question,” she told us.

“And I think we should stop asking that question, to be honest, because surely we’ve moved on in 2017. Who cares whether it’s a person of colour, or a man or a female?

“Let’s just tell the story and enjoy it, regardless of who’s playing it, as long as it’s done well.”

Hopefully for Michelle’s sanity, we’ll learn the next Doctor’s identity relatively soon and this whole argument will take a back seat once again. After all, it’s not like Doctor Who fans to pointlessly debate minor points of canon for years on end, right?


Doctor Who continues on Saturday 20th May on BBC1 at 7.25pm


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