Karen Gillan: “A woman Doctor would be really cool”

The former companion turned Guardians of The Galaxy star is ready for a lady to take over the Tardis


Karen Gillan is following in the footsteps of fellow Doctor Who companion Billie Piper and sharing her support for the push to cast a woman as the 13th Doctor.


Gillan, who played 11th Doctor Matt Smith’s companion Amy Pond, thinks a female Doctor would make a wonderful addition to the series, and prove an important point, too.

“A woman Doctor would be really cool because a lot of people are sceptical about having a woman play the role,” Gillan explains in an interview in this week’s Radio Times magazine, “but I think they probably were [sceptical] before Kathryn Janeway came along in Star Trek: Voyager, and she was amazing.”

She’s not alone in her thinking either. Piper, who played Rose Tyler, previously argued that not having a woman play the Doctor next would feel like a snub.

With the jury still out, and a new Doctor yet to be officially confirmed, could they get their wish? And could Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge be the woman to make it come true?


Read the full interview with Karen Gillan in the new issue of Radio Times magazine, available in shops and on the Apple Newsstand from Tuesday 18 April 2017