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Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: The return of BBC Three

Could BBC Three’s return mean a comeback for Torchwood and Doctor Who Confidential?

Published: Wednesday, 10th March 2021 at 3:39 pm

The news that long-departed channel BBC Three is returning to the airwaves after years online-only was big news for TV viewers everywhere – but Doctor Who fans were particularly excited by the surprise move.


You see, once upon a time BBC Three was the home of alternative Doctor Who content, whether that meant spin-offs like Torchwood, repeats of the main episodes or behind-the-scenes shows like Doctor Who Confidential and Torchwood: Declassified.

Accordingly, this news had plenty of fans wondering whether these shows could be part of BBC Three’s big relaunch – and in this week’s Doctor Who podcast we delve into the likelihood of these returns, while also taking a look back at BBC Three’s long history with Doctor Who.

Will BBC Three be a haven for “overspill” Doctor Who content and spin-offs? Or is the channel more likely to want to invest in new and original ideas as it makes its grand return? And in the modern world, is there even a place for something like Doctor Who Confidential on TV or is it better suited for an online audience?

Until this time next year, we may not find out – but even if BBC Three isn’t being set up to herald the return of Torchwood, we can’t wait to see how this project turns out. And if Torchwood’s comeback is part of the plan, well, good news – we rather recently explored what a Torchwood revival would look like following new hints in Revolution of the Daleks…

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One later this year. Check out our dedicated Sci-Fi page for more stories, or our in-depth TV Guide if you fancy something else to watch.


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