Doctor Who legend Louise Jameson has returned to the role of Leela for an epic new scene which sees her leave the battlefield and reunite with Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor.


The new scene, written and directed by Pete McTighe to announce the release of The Collection: Season 15 on Blu-Ray, sees Leela on the battlefield during the Time War, despairing that Gallifrey has fallen.

She tells one of her officers: "Do not fear. We face the end with courage."

Officer Axton, played by Dushane Keogh-Grenade, hands her a wayfinder so she can escape. While Leela says she won't run from battle, Axton says it's the Doctor's wish that she survives – a revelation that stuns Leela.

Axton says that Leela is the Doctor's only hope for the future and begs her to leave – before he's exterminated by a fleet of Daleks.

Leela blasts the Daleks to oblivion before picking up the wayfinder and giving the Daleks a piece of her mind. Identifying herself as "Leela, Warrior of the Sevateem and of Gallifrey, friend of the Doctor," she tells them: "While we live, your victory is short-lived."

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Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor in Doctor Who staring into camera wearing a brown hat and colourful scarf

Before the Daleks can exterminate her, she sets her course and teleports. A bright light fades to show the interior of the TARDIS and the Fourth Doctor looking up in surprise. The warrior returns home!

The new boxset will feature newly remastered Doctor Who episodes; episodes of Behind The Sofa with the likes of Jameson, Colin Baker, Katy Manning and Janet Fielding; and audio commentary from Baker.

Jameson previously spoke to about how she'd love to return to the series on screen – on one condition.

She explained: "I think you would absolutely have to take my age into account.

"I think we need to know what Leela's like at 70, not give me a whole load of CGI and certainly not in that costume. I would love to see where she's got to now. I hope Russell T Davies is watching this interview! She's had such lifetimes of experience."

In terms of where Leela could be now, Jameson added: "I would like to think of her as having a football team of children, that she's some kind of guru. In some of the stories I've been made quite literate and science-y but I'm personally more interested in her visceral side, in her hunting, shooting, fishing, morality side, and I would like to see that explored and for her to be a sort of touchstone of wisdom...

"I'd love to do a cameo in the new one. I think the new choice of Doctor is extraordinary, and the new choice of companion. I think they're going to work brilliantly together, so I'd like to flip in and out of that story."

Doctor Who - The Collection: Season 15 is available for pre-order on Amazon now. Doctor Who is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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