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Here's what Doctor Who fans think the 13th Doctor's first words should be

How will Jodie Whittaker's incarnation of the Time Lord announce herself? Here's what YOU want to hear...

Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor in Doctor Who with a speech bubble
Published: Friday, 17th November 2017 at 9:49 am

What should the new Doctor's first words be after Peter Capaldi's Twelfth becomes Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth this Christmas?


That's the question we asked fans this week, putting forward some ideas we'd come up with and asking you to suggest your own.

Among those you put forward, "well, this is different" was one of the most popular, while other recurring themes (that are safe for work) included etheric beam locators, boobs (of course), political correctness gone mad (also rather predictable) and how River and Missy might react to the Doctor's sex change...

Nevertheless, it was one of the ideas from our poll that was way out in front.

According to your votes, polling 42% of the total, the Thirteenth Doctor's first words after she regenerates should be...

"Still not ginger..."

Yes, it's nice to see that most Doctor Who fans are taking the Doctor's gender change in their stride and are more concerned that a red-head has not yet been in charge of the Tardis.

And who can blame them...

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