Story 196
Series 4 – Episode 10


First UK transmission
Saturday 14 June 2008


The Doctor – David Tennant

Donna Noble – Catherine Tate

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Rose Tyler – Billie Piper

Sky Silvestry – Lesley Sharp

Hostess – Rakie Ayola

Professor Hobbes – David Troughton

Dee Dee Blasco – Ayesha Antoine

Val Cane – Lindsey Coulson

Biff Cane – Daniel Ryan

Jethro – Colin Morgan

Driver Joe – Tony Bluto

Mechanic Claude – Duane Henry


Writer – Russell T Davies

Director – Alice Troughton

Producer – Phil Collinson

Designer – Edward Thomas

Music – Murray Gold

Executive producers – Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner


Psychological thrills abound when a tour vehicle breaks down on planet Midnight. An invisible entity possesses passenger Sky Silvestry, who repeats all the Doctor’s words, then speaks them simultaneously, then says them before he does – a technical challenge well met by Lesley Sharp (Sky) and David Tennant. Also aboard: David Troughton, Lindsey Coulson and Colin Morgan (Merlin).