Doctor Who fans may have been using the wrong episode titles for decades

Doctor Who and the Mysterious Titling Conundrum

Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell to Earth (BBC, HF)

What do you call the formative episodes of BBC sci-fi classic Doctor Who? It might seem like an easy question to answer – they have names, after all – but one Doctor Who author and fan has now revealed that exactly WHAT some serials of Who’s classic series are called is up for dispute.


Confused? Well, apparently all Whovians have been too for the last half-century. You see, according to Jonathan Morris – an author of multiple Who books, audio plays and a longtime fan of the series’ history who recently unearthed the Dutch Dalek Scandal – records suggest that a lot of Doctor Who’s earliest serials starring the First and Second Doctors have been misnamed for decades.

Morris argued that, based on shooting scripts, Radio Times listings (you’re welcome) and some onscreen title cards, a huge collection of classic episodes (for example The Savages, The Macra Terror, The Mind Robber and The Web of Fear) originally started with the prefix “Doctor Who and…” despite no-one actually using that nomenclature today.

Still confused? OK, we’d better let him explain it himself on Twitter…

Phew! Long thread over.

Put simply, this run of Doctor Who episodes is so confusingly and inconsistently named, we’d probably need a Time Lord ourselves to iron it all out and set the record straight. Assuming Gallifrey has access to IMDB and Wikipedia to make edits anyway.


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