Doctor Who: exclusive Dark Water poster revealed

Download designer Stuart Manning's latest stunning retro poster, plus every episode poster so far!

Who is Missy? What happens when we die? What lurks under the surface of Black Water? This Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who has a lot of questions to answer, but first, it’s time for a moody poster from designer Stuart Manning. Here’s what he had to say:


“A retro Art Deco-style poster seemed like a perfect match for the current Cyberman designs. I actually wanted to do something like this for the Mummy episode earlier in the series, but rough-edged mummies and clean Deco lines just didn’t get along.”

“Here I’ve drawn on the title sequences of 1930s Universal films and Republic Pictures serials – lots of simplified sweeping shapes with a slightly coarse airbrushed look, with perhaps a touch of Metropolis if you squint.”

[Click to enlarge]


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