Peter Capaldi's era on Doctor Who is about to come to an end.

After four brilliant years on the show, Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor will step down on Christmas Day, making way for the first ever female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, who will make her first appearance on the show at the end of Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special Twice Upon a Time.

Radio Times photographer Ray Burmiston joined the Scottish actor for the filming of his final episode as the Doctor – check out the exclusive images below.

Peter Capaldi shares a moment of reflection in his private trailer
Capaldi shows his script binder adorned with Doctor Who blasts from the past
Capaldi prepares to go on set

Capaldi even left a touching farewell message for fans during his final shoot, but it was still business as usual, with the actor as committed as ever to giving the Doctor Who audience a good performance.

Episode writer and departing showrunner, Steven Moffat said that getting Capaldi's send off right "took whatever emotions we were both having about leaving and put them on screen where they belong".

Moffat added: "By the time we got to that part of filming I think Peter and I were probably the least emotional on set because we’d put it all in the show!"

Capaldi with episode director Rachel Talalay Ray Burmiston, Radio Times
First Doctor David Bradley and companion Pearl Mackie take a selfie

Radio DJ and friend of Capaldi Jo Whiley said when it came to the final episode, he wanted to do Doctor Who justice, putting all of his energy into it and doing it to "the very best of his abilities".

One last touch-feely encounter with an archenemy
From left: executive producer Brian Minchin, Dalek voice artist Nicholas Briggs, David Bradley, Pearl Mackie, Peter Capaldi, showrunner Steven Moffatt and director Rachel Talalay
Peter entertains the crew with a burst of Ziggy Stardust

Christmas special star Mark Gatiss said: "I’m sure that as he got to the last few days the sense of finality will have sunk in. You know, 'That’s the last time on location, that’s the last time I’ll run down a corridor, that’s the last time I fight a monster…' But it was a really joyous shoot to be a part of. "

Photography by Ray Burmiston