Did Marvel tease the Fantastic Four in Spider-Man: Far From Home?

Look closely, and Avengers Tower is getting a makeover…


Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox has left fans very excited at the prospect of the X-Men (who were owned by Fox) finally joining Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe of superheroes, but the move could also mean the big-screen return of another team of Marvel heroes on Fox’s books – Marvel’s first family themselves, the Fantastic Four.


Composed of the elastic Mr Fantastic, the rock-like, super-strong Thing, The Invisible Woman and The Human Torch, the Fantastic Four were the original superhero team from the Marvel comic-book company, with films adapted in 2005, 2007 and (as a reboot) 2015 – and now, fans think Marvel are already hinting at their inclusion in the MCU.

In newly-released Spider-Man movie Far From Home, fans noticed an intriguing little hint at the MCU’s future, specifically during a scene where Tom Holland’s wall-crawler swings past the old Avengers tower on his way to meet MJ (Zendaya).

Now under construction for presumed new owners (the Avengers moved offsite a while ago, and may not be a thing anymore anyway), the building is also sporting a sign with a significant message. “We Can’t Wait to Show You What Comes Next” can be seen alongside the following: “1-2-3-?”

Now, obviously one way to take this would just be Marvel hinting at their upcoming slate in general, which is expected to be unveiled at San Diego Comic-con in July. After all, Far From Home marks the end of Marvel’s Phase Three collection of movies, so the question mark may be a wink towards the mysterious future of the superhero movie universe (at time of writing, no Marvel movies have been officially announced beyond Far From Home).

However, the placement of the sign and the recent Fox deal has us wondering whether the “1-2-3-?” hints more specifically at the most famous Marvel characters connected to that missing numeral – The Fantastic Four – who historically operated out of a skyscraper called The Baxter Building in Manhattan. Who’s to say they couldn’t be the new owners renovating Stark Tower for their own heroics and science experiments?

Maybe Phase Four will actually introduce The Fantastic Four, giving the sign a bit of a double meaning, and we’ll soon find out exactly who will be the new Reed Richards et al – or maybe it’s just a general hint at Marvel having more films coming out, and we shouldn’t be throwing on our Yancy Street Gang sweatshirts just yet.

Either way, we’re excited to see what comes next. On the count of three…


Spider-Man: far From Home is in UK cinemas now