David Tennant is reunited with the Tardis in the W1A finale

It's about Time: the former Doctor Who star confronts his past in the final episode of the BBC comedy

David Tennant

It has been a while since he last set foot in the Tardis, but former Doctor Who star David Tennant will finally be reunited with his favourite big blue box in the finale of W1A.


The comedy series based on the internal workings of the BBC gives narrator Tennant an excuse to talk about his beloved Tardis this Monday, as fictional public relations guru Siobhan Sharp plots to do something FUN with the spaceship during the much-hyped BBCMe launch.

Her plans obviously cause plenty of controversy within the team, with BBC Communications whizz Tracey Pritchard and Sharp almost coming to blows over it. The ensuing mayhem and overarching theme of the show’s final episode gives Tennant the perfect excuse to use the word “time” and discuss the “future” over and over and over again.

Real-life BBC director-general Tony Hall is also set to make a cameo in the episode, beginning at 10pm on BBC2.

The episode marks the end of the show’s third series and creator John Morton says we shouldn’t expect any more. “Because this is probably going to be the final one, I wrote it to its conclusion,” he said earlier this year.

What? No more Ian Fletcher? No more of David Tennant’s dulcet tones?

Well, maybe not.

“We’re all still alive, never say never, we’re all human aren’t we? But, from the opening scene, it was in my mind that this was the final time around with everybody” said Morton.


W1A series three is available to stream on BBCiPlayer