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W1A writer says this series will almost definitely be the last

“Because this is probably going to be the final one, I wrote it to its conclusion,” said series creator John Morton

Published: Friday, 20th October 2017 at 9:44 am

W1A, the double Bafta-winning parody about the inner-workings of the BBC, is very likely to come to an end with its third series, its creator has said.


John Morton has said that he’s written series three “to its conclusion” because “this is probably going to be the final one”.

The pressure, Morton revealed, was enormous this time around because he knew it was likely to be the last. “Spoiler alert,” he said. “There’s no plane crash, they're all still alive at the end, but with that in mind, I thought, ‘God if this is the final one it better be good.’”

He added: “It took a year to write, and ask any writer, that’s unbelievably slow."

On why he’s thinking of ending it now, Morton explained: “I think it's difficult to find storylines that are funny enough and feel true enough, but are in fact fictional.”

And how does he come up with such great storylines?

"You just sit there and try. Hours on end worrying, that's my method.”

Hugh Bonneville, who plays the brilliant Ian Fletcher, Head of Values, added that there had been talk of the W1A gang tackling US news: "I did have a conversation some time ago with John about the team going over to sort out American politics, but then it just got too ludicrous,” he said.

“So I think maybe Ian Fletcher, you know, cycles off into the sunset."

On his Brompton folding bike, of course.


That said W1A fans, all hope is not lost, as Morton added: “We’re all still alive, never say never, we're all human aren't we? But, from the opening scene, it was in my mind that this was the final time around with everybody.”


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