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David Tennant dug out his iconic Doctor Who costume and sonic screwdriver for a Muppets live show

The Tenth Doctor was even reunited with a past companion on stage

Published: Monday, 16th July 2018 at 3:38 pm

Look Who it is! Ex-Time Lord David Tennant has been spotted in his pinstripe suit, Converse and sonic screwdriver combo once again.


Sadly, it wasn't on the set of the latest Doctor Who series: the Tenth Doctor materialised (to huge applause) for a Pigs In Space sketch during The Muppets Take The O2 on Friday 13th July.

And not only did Tennant deliver some zingers about regeneration to Miss Piggy and even shouted out catchphrase “Allons-y!”, but the former Doctor was also reunited with another former Who star: Kylie Minogue.

Yes, the singer – who played one-off companion Astrid Peth in 2007 Christmas special Voyage of the Damned – also appeared on the muppet stage to sing Mahna Mahna with Who-sounding aliens the Snowths.

And afterwards, Doctor and Peth were brought together for a final singalong.

A great reunion, and one that has us thinking: surely Tennant would want to team up with another of his past co-stars? Perhaps Broadchurch's Jodie Whittaker? On board the Tardis? In a Dalek-battling multi-Doctor story?

Just something to think about, Chibnall.

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