Dan Steven’s X-Men spin-off Legion unleashes its first trailer

The mutant TV series looks incredibly odd and surprisingly funny


Yet more superhero trailers are pouring out of San Diego Comic-con following the release of Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and Justice League footage, with upcoming X-Men TV spin-off Legion bringing its own blend of mutant madness for a psychedelic and oddly hilarious teaser.


Starring Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens (with a decent US accent) as a powerful superpowered mutant who assumes his powers are a mental illness, the trailer sees our hero David (Stevens) try to solve a disappearance, control his abilities and, well, dance a little bit as sinister forces try to use him for their own ends.

Frankly, it just about looks mad, stylish and imaginative enough to work. Fingers crossed Legion can deliver.


Legion will air in 2017 on FX